Top 5 Premium Luxury Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

Top 5 Premium Luxury Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

The luxury lingerie is a manifestation of an elegant charisma and deep confidence. We would like to discuss with you some of the best brands of luxury designer underwear since it’s one of the most important parts of woman’s clothing. So, here is the top 5 brands in the world of lingerie!

  1. Myla

Top 5 Premium Luxury Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

he goal of this English brand of luxury lingerie is to reflect the different moods that a lady can experience and to capture the power of every woman. This brand uses effectively combined pieces of lingerie with complexity and simplicity, and also uses a wide range of clear and bold colors in its designs.


  1. Bordelle


The Bordelle lingerie isn’t for the weak hearts or the small wallets. Strongly provocative, Bordelle is not for the romantic ladies either but for the daring women. This brand became well-know because of the provocative bandage dresses made of satin elastic panels and 18-carat gold coat which costs about 800 euros.  If you are one of those women who are dominant, strong and provocative then this is the brand for you.


  1. Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson

This luxury lingerie is made of the finest Lyon silk and the delicate chandelier lace. The designer, Karin Gilleson makes sure that the delicacy and the quality of each item are extremely important, and that’s why most of the designs are hand-made and are a true piece of art. This brand has been developed in Paris, and the models that represent them are feminine rather than girlish.


  1. Fleur of England

Fleur of England

This British luxury underwear brand has been created by Fleur Turner in 2001, and the brand creates masterpieces out of silk and lace and is famous for its elegant designs. Fleur of England is definitely the brand for you if you are looking for a sense of sensuality and class. The brand is liked mostly by romantic girls who impress with natural beauty and charm, and the celebrities that are huge fans of the brand are Katie Perry and Sara Jessica Parker. 


  1. Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel

Throughout the world French lingerie, this brand has become the standard of couture, renowned for its beautiful silk lingerie and sumptuous lace finishes using. The designer focuses on for exquisite quality by using the very best fabrics.

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