Tips on What to Wear on a First Date – Dos and Don’ts

Tips on What to Wear on a First Date – Dos and Don’ts

Tips on What to Wear on a First Date – Dos and Don’ts

The first date is inarguably the most important one, from old-fashioned first meetings to new age Tinder times. Be it a blind set up or going on a coffee date with someone you have known for the longest time, the excitement of going on date No.1 is a different high altogether. So when appearing on a first date it’s just about looking presentable, being yourself and showing up to have good conversations. So, if you are excited as much as we are about this topic let’s get through this, in style! We have some interesting date night dressing ideas and some that you may want to skip if they appeared on your mind.

  1. Show Up, Be on Time and Keep him PostedShow Up, Be on Time and Keep him Posted

Trust us there is nothing more attractive than a woman who is sorted, plans and shows up on time. So talk about first impressions! That’s why this tops our list and yes, we agree that a lot more goes into our dressing than men’s but sure that’s no excuse to turn up late. Giving or taking 5 minutes is acceptable, but anything longer would only make you seem careless. So if there is something unavoidable let your date know and that’s the least one can expect.

  1. A Big NO, NO – A Dress That Shows Too much Skin or Doesn’t Define You

    A Big NO, NO – A Dress That Shows Too much Skin or Doesn’t Define You

If you slip into a dress like this one is tempting and sorry ladies, now isn’t the time for that! But don’t show up in your mommy paints either, and to wear something that is not making you feel comfortable ruins not just for you but for your partner too. Make a little research on the place that you made reservations for and dress appropriately.

  1. Footwear – Deal BreakerFootwear – Deal Breaker

If you thought that the red pumps will be forever trending on a first date, then you are wrong. Not anymore! Of course, if you are feeling comfortable in pulling it off, by all means just go ahead, but again, the venue makes all the difference. Before you decide what to wear, play along with all the details because we’d hate it if anything went wrong on a special day.

  1. Smell Pleasant – CheckpointSmell Pleasant – Checkpoint

The essential part of dressing up for both women and men is to smell pleasant. So when we say pleasant we genuinely mean PLEASANT, like go with something refreshing, long-lasting and with a sweet scent. Just don’t go over the top to a point where you’re practically suffocating the other person. That’s direct TURN OFF ALERT! So while at it, have a few mints as well.

  1. Heavy Makeup – The Experts Say NOHeavy Makeup – The Experts Say NO

It’s worth mentioning that the heavy makeup is a No No, so now close your eyes and chose your favorite look. Just don’t end up on some YouTube tutorial, leave that for a night with your girlfriends or a pajama party. Just keep it simple, elegant and presentable.                                                                                                                                                                  

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