The 5 most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany you must visit

The 5 most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany you must visit

Traveling in December has a lot of magic out there, especially when it comes to Christmas. This is the best month for taking some vacation to visit the holiday-themed places you have always wanted to see. The Christmas feels are everywhere but today we are taking you to the most fabulous Christmas markets in several cities in Germany. Germany’s Christmas markets are renowned worldwide and are scattered all over the country.

  1. Dresden

Speaking of Dresden why not head to the oldest Christmas market in Germany? This Christmas market closes on 600 years of operation and they plan just a mere couple of decades to go. Dresden is not far from the Czech Republic, it is in Eastern Germany.

  1. Cologne

Not do far from Belgium and Netherlands, located along the Rhine river Cologne lights up for Christmas, or Weihnachten (which is Christmas in German). This region has several markets that’ll blow your mind where you can watch wreath binders, glassblowers and pewter pourers at work. 

  1. Berlin

One of the most spectacular Christmas markets has to be put, of course in the capital of Germany. So, in Berlin, you have choices of markets that are in scattered locations, the one including at the Gendarmenmarkt. That’s Berlin’s most spectacular square and one at the majestic Charlottenburg Palace.

  1. Stuttgart

Stuttgart is usually the home to museums in southern Germany and is dedicated to Porsche and Mercedes Benz. So there are chances that while you are browsing for the festive 300 brightly lit Christmas stalls maybe Santa Clause or Weihnachtsmann will grant you a luxury automobile. 

  1. Nuremberg

The Bavarian city is a fairy tale old town, so this Christmas market has a special place in tourists hearts soaking up the beautiful lights in front of the Gothic church. Here you can buy a replica ceramic Bavarian cottage and end up drinking hot red wine at the Gothic fountain. If you are not prepared for the bone-chilling cold during the snowy Christmas market, don’t even think to come without some silk long underwear to wear under the pants or the jeans you are already wearing. Also even in winter, the river cruises are popular so you’ll get a chance to check out the Bavarian Alps.



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