5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Indoor/Outdoor Living

We all know how important is the eco-living, and how our planet Earth is out treasure. That’ s why we have some ideas on how to learn to live with these eco-smart ideas we have for your home.

  1. Living in Sync

Even if you are intending to buy a house that it looks like a mess at the first moment given, here us out. If you have a landscape architect, or it happens that you are, you could visualize what that property could become. So there are living examples of how some couples bought houses looking like a mess then turned their property into their dream home-one that’s sustainable from the plantings to the rooftops.

  1. Work Your Roof

Some soft curves, such as the given roofline are a signature of Radtkey’s architectural style. The roof’s sweep also helps harvest rainfall, when water spills from the main roof onto the garage rood meadow and starts dripping via gutters to a series of underground cisterns that can store up to 10.000 gallons of water.

  1. Build in Flexibility

Two sliding glass pocket doors allow the family to vary how much they open the house to the outdoors. That means one between the living room and the veranda, and the other that’s between the veranda and the garden. The lightweight furniture allows the space to be converted easily and the screen mimics curtains.

  1. Mimic Nature

When both sliding glass doors stay closed, the space between becomes a solar collector in the winter. It just gets warm enough that it can heat the whole house. One architect says: “That’s the stone you expose when you grade here, so it looks completely at home”.

  1. Apply Time-Proven Tricks

Thanks to the low-tech ideas practiced for centuries, most of the home’s sustainability comes from them. With an effect called stack ventilation, a stairway acts as a flue for warm air to rise up and out, and cool air to circulate. Air plants are mounted to the concrete walls as a modern touch.


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