Dog-Friendly Gardens

Dog-Friendly Gardens

When creating a “dogscape” you need to start to think like a canine, by asking yourself, if you were a dog what would you want? Each breed has a different personality, retrievers, terriers, spaniels. The thing is, the better you can accommodate its particular traits, the happier your dog! And by that, the better chance of maintaining a garden you’ll both enjoy.Dog


Let’s start with the elements of a dog- friendly garden:

Comfy Mulch: those small cedar chips are so easy on paws yet large enough so they won’t cling to silky coats.

Gentle Hardscape: the smooth flagstones set in pebbles form a dry creek bed, dogs can comfortably tread.

Border Control: you definitely need pieces of driftwood that will persuade dogs to stay away from planted areas.Dog Friendly Gardens

Running Track: A long and winding path that provides the dog with plenty of exercises.

Marking Post: a suitable spot to mark his territory is a sculptural piece of driftwood.

Sensible Plants: the plants that are standing near paths should have soft foliage but be sturdy in the meantime enough to stand canine rough-housing.

Now, when it comes to what dogs need there are paths to run and patrol, a place to answer nature’s call, shade and shelter, plant densely and wisely and pet-safe landscape. So it’s very important to provide all these things because that’s how they will live way happier, so do you.

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