DIY – Magical Christmas Lanterns

DIY – Magical Christmas Lanterns

You can easily turn those simple jars that are taking spots in your kitchen into a set of festive lanterns. Creative, right? We will share this DIY tutorial so you can make these lanterns, and all you need is jars and paint. You will soon have a set of flickering blue luminaries on your windowsills, and we hope they will make your winter evenings magical and even cozier. Making the designs was our favorite part of this project, especially if you have a fascination with little town silhouettes with clock towers. So this is a project for adults and children to collaborate on.

Materials You Need:

  • Jars (different sizes and shapes)
  • A can of blue spray paint (we used Rust-Oleum Brilliant Blue Spray Paint)
  • Paint maker or cardstock, or transparent printable vinyl


  • Thoroughly wash your jars as any oily residue will interfere with paint adhesion.
  • Start spraying the outsides of the jars. For this project, we used the spray we mentioned above in the materials needed because it gives very good coverage. For this project, you will need to be careful to leave the jars translucent by spraying a thin, even layer. So once they are dry just drop a candle inside of one jar and see how the light comes through. In case you think one layer of paint was not enough, add another one.
  • Now, to put the design onto the jars there are four ways, so you can draw, paint, cut or simply use vinyl. It depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

Draw: First of all, use design that you like, print them and insert inside the jar. This is how the original lanterns were made so you will able to see it through the thin layer of paint as you can see on the picture above. When making these jars a few years ago, for the first time we use paint markers, one for making contours and one for coloring inside of them. You have to be careful not to go with the marker over the same line twice, or it’d smear so the trick was to do the best you can with the first layer. Later, once the first layer of paint has dried up just touch the spots with the marker.

Paint: also you can try this way by mixing white Elmer’s glue with black Acrylic paint so the resulting mixture is ideal for painting on glass. So again you need to insert the print inside the jar and paint with a small brush on the outside of the jar.

Cut and Glue: after you have printed the designs, just cut them out with scissors and glue them onto the sprayed jars. If you have a silhouette machine for cutting the silhouettes then you know what to do.

Print on Vinyl: you can print the designs on vinyl and then adhere them to the outside of the jars.

So now it’s about time to put some candles in and add illumination to the room.

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