Top 5 Design Trends Domination in 2019

We already know that trends are always changing and that’s the good part about it, so we can always choose the best for our taste. Today, we bring to you the 5 design trends that will dominate the upcoming year 2019. So let’s see which are!


  1. Terrazzo Walls

Design Trends DominationLet us state some facts about these terrazzo walls. Just as statements moved from the walls to the ceilings, this popular 1980s floor covering has moved from the ground to the walls. Terrazzo, back in the 80’s was a cement flooring filled in with a mix of random bits of debris. And guess what? The walls won’t be the only home area that’s decked out with terrazzo, so other terrazzo pieces include lighting fixtures too.


  1. Sage Green 

Regarding this trend, we include plants too. After the ultimate leader of color trends, Pantone has introduced us the vibrant green color, sage green we are kind of obsessed with it. They have introduced this color back in 2017 but it seems that this color will be sticking around well into 2019.


  1. Gallery Walls

In 2019, framed prints and gallery walls will take a back seat to wall hangings. We know that wall hangings aren’t new but the trend for the next year will be geometric color block hangings. These hangings will offer a minimal and a modern alternative to the typical bohemian wall hangings.


  1. Tribal and Ethnic Patterns

Making the big comeback in 2019 in décor will be the natural wood surfaces and the earth tones. And tell us what’s better to decorate these toned down spaces than with vibrant tribal and ethnic patterns? And if they’re made with white, black and caramel colors they’ll look especially bold.


  1. Earthy Colors

So it definitely comes in no surprise that earthy colors will dominate 2019 home décor and after all earth colors are consistent with four other décor predictions as plants, natural woods, and sage green. So, expect to see warm beige shades, various green hues and more.



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