Apple Cider Crescent Doughnut Holes

Apple Cider Crescent Doughnut Holes This twist on some traditional Jewish sufganiot, doughnut holes made with crescent dough are downright delicious and are going to mark your holiday for sure. You are going to absolutely love them, so you have no reason why not making these sweet doughnuts. Recipe Apple Cider Crescent Doughnut Holes Prep […]


Frosty Pumpkin Squares

Frosty Pumpkin Squares Let us tell just one thing for this dessert, and we jump right away on the recipe! Soooo, these pumpkin flavors blend beautifully with some creamy vanilla ice cream so what you are about to witness is incredibly delicious and addictive. Here is the recipe! Recipe Frosty Pumpkin Squares Prep Time: 15 […]


Thanksgiving Dinner Minis

Thanksgiving Dinner Minis There is a twist when it comes to this recipe, so try it on the Thanksgiving sandwich for an easy lunch or dinner. With this recipe, you get to be creative and to make some other holiday favorite bite-sizes! So here comes the recipe! Recipe Thanksgiving Dinner Minis Prep Time: 15 min.   […]


Creamy Broccoli Casserole

Creamy Broccoli Casserole This recipe is the family-favorite most of the times. The broccoli is cheesy and with butter cracker crumb topping. So what’s not to love here? This is the ideal dish for the holidays, especially for Thanksgiving Day. Before we give the recipe let us start with how to begin preparing this creamy […]


Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Crescents

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Crescents We guarantee that with this recipe your holiday guests will be absolutely amazed by this crescent dessert. The pumpkin filling and the salted caramel drizzle make everything so dreamy and so tasty that you will have to make tons of these little croissants. Here’s the recipe for this gorgeous dessert. […]


Ground Turkey Tacos

Ground Turkey Tacos This delicious and quick dinner is Thanksgiving Day winner! This mouthwatering Mexican dinner is ready in just 20 minutes. Yes, we feel you! Now, let’s give you the ingredients and the directions on how to make it. Recipe Ground Turkey Tacos Prep Time: 15 min.   Total Time: 55 min.   Servings: 8 Ingredients […]


Carrot and Cauliflower Gratin

Carrot and Cauliflower Gratin To make this cheesy side dish for Thanksgiving is the perfect thing to do. You need to add just top carrots, cauliflower and breadcrumbs to make it deliciously good! It’s time to prepare something that’s going to food your soul and warm it up a little bit more. Here’s the wonderful […]


Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate This Thanksgiving makes this delicious, creamy and amazing drink instead of making the same pies and cupcakes. This slow cooker pumpkin white hot chocolate is going to warm you perfectly on those chilly fall nights. With all the fall flavors, if we didn’t incorporate pumpkin it would have been a bad […]


Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Pumpkin Pie Cookies This is an absolute must-make recipe for Thanksgiving because every single one of these pumpkin pie cookies is like a mini pumpkin pie. These pies ate stuffed with pumpkin filling and nicely spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. Here comes the recipe, we know you are impatient! Recipe Pumpkin Pie Cookies […]