Orange Spider Web Tart

Orange Spider Web Tart This super Halloween dessert has always been known by its wonderful taste, so fresh. Now we are giving you away from the recipe that contains one secret ingredient and that’s the orange sherbet, which gives a totally different note to this deliciousness. You will remember this recipe by its cool color […]


Roasted Shrimp with Bloody Mary Sauce

Roasted Shrimp with Bloody Mary Sauce This Halloween, cook something surprising for your family and friends. This shrimp appetizer with sauce is going to be the perfect starter since it’s truly amazing and delicious. And guess what? It will be ready in just 30 minutes. so let’s get down to the recipe! Recipe Roasted Shrimp […]


Strawberry Jelly Doughnuts

Strawberry Jelly Doughnuts For a tasty and spooky Halloween treat these biscuits filled with strawberry jam and coated in powdered sugar are definitely the best! Everyone is going to love you even more after they try this dessert. Halloween night is near and you need this recipe ASAP! Recipe Strawberry Jelly Doughnuts Prep Time: 20 […]


Stuffed Mini Pumpkins Entry

Can you believe that September has arrived? Like so quickly this year has passed, but we still have three more months to fulfill our lives with delicious holiday food. That favorite time of the year is already knocking on our doors. Halloween is the holiday that is just right down the corner and it’s an […]


Spooky Eyeball Fudge Brownies

You will have the time to make these super awesome fudge brownies before Halloween gets here. If you decide to make these spooky balls you’ll be the talk of the party! Here’s the recipe!   Recipe Spooky Eyeball Fudge Brownies Ingredients 1 box fudge brownie mix 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 (14 oz) can […]


Shrunken Apple-Cider Punch

This Halloween terrify your family and friends with this unforgettable drink – a cider punch topped with ghoulish shrunken apple heads. We’ll give you the directions how to make easy this punch and how to be spectacular. For sure it’s going to be a scarily good twist on apple bobbing. And one more thing before […]


Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies

You know already that Halloween is the favorite playground for the kids so, by making these playful pumpkin sandwich cookies be sure that you are going to please kids of all ages. It is all onto you when comes to decorating the cookies. Recipe Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies Prep Time: 10 min.    Total Time: 45 min.   […]


Pumpkin Cheese Balls

This cute appetizer for Halloween that is made of shaped cheese ball is so easy and tasty. It always sounds delicious when it comes to a spicy cream cheese ball that goes great with chips, veggies, crackers. Recipe Pumpkin Cheese Balls Ingredients 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, room temp ½ of a bell pepper, […]


Ominous Flaky Owls

With these flaky owls be sure that the kids especially will get a hoot out of them. They are made with refrigerated crescent roll dough, tiny pretzel beak, and chocolate eyes. Treat your kids this Halloween with one of the most inspirational recipes we have. Fun to watch and delicious on taste. Recipe Ominous Flaky […]


Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cakes

These mini cakes filled with fall spices and cream cheese frosting. As part of a centerpiece at dinner, these will be the perfect dessert served in with real pumpkins and autumn leaves. We guarantee that the dessert could be right in front of you without you having any idea of it! So after all this, […]


Jolly Rancher Candy Apples

Without having a traditional candy apple bite on your table the fall season just wouldn’t be complete. These are the perfect balance of sour and sweet, with just a bit of crunch. This year we invite you to try and make this new version of this treat, made with Jolly Rancher candies. Recipe Jolly Rancher […]