Best Tips to Find Your Personal Style

Best Tips to Find Your Personal StyleBest Tips to Find Your Personal Style

To find your personal fashion style is like figuring out your permanent signature on a deeper level, so you need to connect with who you are by mapping your likes and dislikes. You will discover so many factors that you’ll start considering them important for coming to a conclusion regarding your own style. We all have a particular dressing sense no matter how casual we want to keep it, so we like to give a unique spin to trends and that comes naturally from who we are.

Know Your Body TypeKnow Your Body Type

Everything starts with knowing your body type. It’s not because your body type should dictate what you should wear but because you know what kind of clothes would look naturally good on you. See it this way; it’s more like identifying your strengths and building on them.

Scan Your WardrobeScan Your Wardrobe

Spend a day with your closet and look at the clothes you’ve bought over the last few years, the unopened pile, the clothes you’ve repeated the most, the stuff that you one day want to wear or fit into, the impulsive purchases, etc. Needless to say but all of them have stories to tell and the most repeated clothes point towards the style you prefer.

Gather Your LooksGather Your Looks

Make a folder with pictures from the past and photos of yourself that you like the most, with the dresses you often wear, etc. This will definitely give you an idea of what you want so you can start reconsidering your closet, just chuck everything you do not need and build further according to your style. Add some piece of jewelry, or boots, etc. and choose your current fashion trend.

What Inspires You?What Inspires You?

Does classy and feminine, yogini, bohemian chic style, or causal and athletic inspires you? This is the easiest way to find your style because your innate affinity will always be there and will show you what the perfect fit is for you.

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