Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

If you were looking for Christmas presents and have dreamed of the lovely smell of a Christmas tree or the lovely sound of Christmas carols you are at the right place to discover our selection of the best Christmas markets in Europe. So here we go!

  1. Zagreb, Croatia

For the third time in a row, Zagreb was voted for the best Christmas market in Europe, so if you are going to Zagreb you will definitely enjoy the magical Christmas time and find out the festive and friendly atmosphere, the high-quality crafts and numerous events as ice rinks, concerts at affordable prices. This market is incredible with its twinkling candlelight, festive food, colorful displays and concerts, choirs and many more.

  1. Colmar, France

Colmar has been elected as the 2nd best Christmas market in Europe and the best one yet in France. Colmar is a friendly and safe destination with a world-famous Christmas Market and this small town combines all the ingredients of a dream destination: relaxations, culture, gastronomy, well-being, traditions, wines, architecture. The magic of Christmas here can be experienced in its purest form for six entire weeks, and the labyrinth of small streets lined with century-old half-timbered houses is going to take your breath away. It’s perfect for families, lovers and friends so don’t think twice.

  1. Vienna, Austria

The whole city turns into magical, gigantic and unique Christmas market and that’s why Vienna is one of the best destinations to celebrate Christmas. Vienna is the perfect destinations for a great time with family and friends ranked among the safest destinations in Europe for its low crime rate. One of the most well-known Christmas markets is the traditional one “Vienna Magic of Advent”, a true shining fairytale land. There is craft fun Workshops for kids, Christmas gifts, sweets, tree decorations, and warming drinks. The trees of the City Hall Park are festively decorated and they radiate in a sea of lights. This is a Viennese experience so you’ll definitely don’t want to miss it!

  1. Budapest, Hungary

The favorite Christmas market in Budapest is Advent Feast at the Basilica, and the organizers of this market work hard every year to offer you what is certainly one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. You can discover this enchanting city-center Christmas celebration within Central European holiday traditions, a monumental light shows that with 3D glasses gives a new dimension to the façade of St. Stephen’s Basilica. Did you know that Santa Clause, himself goes shopping to the Advent Feast at the Basilica?

  1. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a must for Christmas lovers and it’s known by the name of “Capital of Christmas”. You’ll find a traditional Christmas market with all the Alsatian specialties, unique atmosphere and beautiful hotels for a city break in the heart of the city. In Strasbourg, the spiritual environment and traditions of Advent are well established and you will find 4 outstanding Advent concerts, a wide range of authentic live music and cultural events. It’s the perfect opportunity to go on a cultural trip through time!


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