6 Benefits of Swimming for Fitness and Health

6 Benefits of Swimming for Fitness and Health

If you are not one of those types who want to sweat in the gym, swim! If you didn’t know, then let us inform you that swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises and experts recommend this fun exercise as it has innumerable health benefits and is meant for everybody, irrespective of age and skill. So, read on to know about the benefits swimming does for transforming your body precisely.

Aids Weight Loss

There is no better way to burn calories but to swim. The more calories you burn, the more fat gets mobilized and as a result, you will start to lose that extra flab in your body. Let us tell you about this experiment that Korean Scientists conducted on obese children, that found that swimming and other aquatic exercises helped reduce fat mass in their body.

Improves Flexibility

When you swim, you use your limbs and core to propel your body forward and to stay afloat, so flexibility is the ability to move your joints to their full range. If you go swimming every single day it can help you improve the whole body flexibility and as a result, it reduces joint pain.

Improves Body Coordination

Swimming requires a lot of coordination between the legs, arms, head, chest, and eyes. No matter the cause why you go swimming, recreational, therapeutic or competition purpose, it helps you improve your whole body movement and coordination between the limbs and the core.

Improves Asthma

Various studies have found out that swimming can help reduce the asthma attacks. For those who are not aware of what asthma is, asthma is caused due to inflammation in the airways which blocks them and leads to difficulty in breathing. It has been also proven that swimming is also more beneficial than land activities.

Supports Mental Health

Mental health issues as anxiety, stress, and depression are something that you should never ignore. Thankfully, scientists have found that with swimming your mood can uplift and treat some various serious psychologically issues.

Improves Sleep Quality

You must start swimming if you have difficulty sleeping. Swimming is treated as a full-body aerobic exercise and if have ever spent some time in the water you just know how exhausting it can be. That happens because your entire body, along with your brain works constantly while swimming. And this is precisely why you will start to sleep better.

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