5 Most-Breathtaking Balkan Peninsula Cities

5 Most-Breathtaking Balkan Peninsula Cities

  1. Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor Montenegro

On the stunning Adriatic, Coast magic seems to carve through every crevice of Kotor, Montenegro. The city is enveloped by panoramic mountain scenery where authenticity and charm are more evident here. Tourists are strolling to Kotor’s medieval and divine Old Town streets. The history has begun here in the 9th century evident in old buildings wedged together in one perfect assembly. At night, Kotor’s walls are spectacularly illuminated, protecting the treasures within, labyrinthine lanes of marbles, drool-worthy restaurants, small family-run shops and animated bars set around clandestine colonnades. With the history, architectural enthusiasts and romance you will find hard to leave Kotor especially in the summer.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Serbia

This is the most celebrated capital where a layer of abundant cultural points, history, and a party almost every night has given the city an appealing reputation. Belgrade is known as one of the liveliest capitals showcasing an immense charm. Magnificent coffeehouses, restaurants, and quirky sidewalk kiosks passed through generations flank Knez Mihailova which is a vibrant pedestrian avenue lined by historic buildings leading to Kalemegdan Citadel, which is the city’s crown jewel.

  1. Split, Croatia

Split is one of the most profound of all European cities showcasing its abounding ancient ruins. Split is Croatia’s second biggest city and traditionally one of the main ports for visiting the Dalmatian Islands. Planning to visit this city will be fruitful with the new elegant hotels, trendy restaurants, Mosor Mountains and Krka National Park. The journey into Split is even more impressive along the old walls, as authentic Dalmatian life is at its best here with the perfect balance of tradition and vicissitude. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most dramatic of Roman testaments and more than enough to wow even those who have “seen it all.

  1. Bled, Slovenia

Bled Slovenia

With seemingly glowing aquamarine water Lake Bled steals the show in Slovenia. The waterfront homes nestled along the riverbanks and the 17th-century castle smack dab in the middle of it makes this place out of this world. Relaxing, scenic and idyllic it makes the whole atmosphere magical. Lake Bled is a great choice and exciting destination also for cycling, boating, canyoneering, and hiking. A fall or spring visit is just as picturesque and although the water temperature isn’t quite as soothing all of Lake Bled’s finest points stay strong.

  1. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Ohrid Macedonia

We know that by saying “it’s a must-see place” may sound like a traveling cliché but Ohrid is the place we are going to use this phrase no matter what. Ohrid is one of the most Balkans’ most prominent summer resorts with sidelined of the dramatic Ohrid Lake, Europe’s oldest, deepest and most endearing lakes. This old city is Macedonia’s crowning jewel with stunning historic churches lining a rolling hill in the ethereal Old Quarter topped by ancient St. Jovan Kaneo. Not so distant from this point is the Galicica National Park and the fairly isolated beaches on the lake’s east side. Mid – July, and mid-August get crowdie a lot, but in early Fall you may go and feel the magical surroundings far more quiet time to visit. 

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