5 Beautiful Herb Garden Designs

5 Beautiful Herb Garden Designs

We have some fresh ways to offer so you can make your herb garden both functional and super-stylish. So let’s see what we have prepared for you!

  1. A World of Color

Maybe you should take advantage of the fact that not all herbs are green and leafy, so if you take a walk in the local nurseries have varieties in a wide array of textures, colors, and heights. We will give you an example, a prime one, of an explosion of color and varying heights, ex.tall pineapple sage with red trumpet flowers and chartreuse leaves or the mid-sized flowering basils, the African blue and Mountain magic that are with spires of purple flowers. There is another one, the low-growing blue-green German thyme spilling over a rocky border, so this will be a feast for your eyes and also for your nose.

  1. Summer, contained

Without a bushel of sweet basil growing in your garden, summer won’t be a summer. Also, the cluster of vibrant-flavored herbs that are going to be shown here is just as perfect for the season. Lets’ start with the mint and cilantro, which are familiar, while others like lemongrass, shiso, and Thai basil are more exotic. But all of them can be used to add some bold Asian flavor to a variety of dishes so thanks to their variety of textures, heights and all the shades of green they are making the winning combination in the garden, too.

  1. Think Both In and Outside the Box

Don’t you ever feel restricted when it comes to growing herbs in traditional in-ground or raised beds? Most of the herbs, including the annual green basils, will definitely grow happily in wooden crates, small pots, willow baskets, and some other containers. They have some needs that you have to give to these herbs, at least 6 hours of sun, good drainage and regular water. So, there is really no excuse not to spruce up your stoop, balcony, or windowsill with your favorite culinary herb, from thyme and sage to oregano and marjoram.

  1. A Busy Gardener’s Saving Grace

For any difficult spaces or sections in a landscape, the perennial herbs are the great solution. They fill in nicely, overlap and play well with their companions and they don’t need much attention from the home gardener. A few quick cuts down if they start to get unwieldy or wild brings to new points of growth that will rein them in leave you with a pretty harvest of herbs to hang and dry.

  1. Herb Wall

Do you know that there’s no need to limit your herb selection to traditional low-lying of oregano and thyme? Why? Because you can experiment with taller and more dramatic selections that will stun you with some vigorous and quick growth. For example, the limey leaves of pineapple sage intermingle with licorice-tasting anise hyssop in full bloom, and that’s a solid wall of herbs that are aromatic and that delight the senses while attracting the busiest of hummingbirds.


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