5 Amazing Benefits of Grapefruit Oil

5 Amazing Benefits of Grapefruit Oil5 Amazing Benefits of Grapefruit Oil

We all have days when we feel tiresome, so how would you feel if you stepped into your house like that and a waft of fresh, tangy and calming essence hits you? Maybe you would just take in all of the essences and just get lost in a trance. So this is what precisely grapefruit oil does to you, rejuvenating and relaxing aroma along with a variety of purposes. So here are some of the benefits!



  1. Heals Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Heals Your Body, Mind, and Soul

The fresh, citrusy smell that grapefruit oil has, when inhaled, gives a burst of freshness. It is used in aromatherapy because it soothes your mind and body. It is used to ease mental stress, depression and post-partum sickness in patients undergoing intense trauma, labor and harsh treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. try adding grapefruit oil to your vaporizer and see how it brings in ‘soul’ace and yes, your pets are going to be extremely happy inhaling this essence.


  1. Aids Weight Loss

According to a study, the grapefruit oil, when inhaled increases nerve activity, causing breakdown of lipids, so it controls your blood pressure and decreases food intake. This decrease in appetite is linked to weight loss as you don’t feel the need to binge on food at odd hours.

  1. Has Antimicrobial Properties

If you are prone to or have a bacterial infection just apply grapefruit oil or inhale the essence. It extracts exhibit antibacterial properties, especially against the bacteria that are multidrug-resistant and can’t be killed by using usual doses of antibiotics.

  1. Manages Anxiety and Depression

Manages Anxiety and DepressionGrapefruit oil, in combination with other essential oils, due to its chemical composition can soothe strained nerves, so by massaging with grapefruit oil can help fight peri-operative anxiety among patients due for surgeries, by reducing the dependence on anesthesia. And depression can be managed when efficiently using aromatherapy.

  1. Helps Burn Flab and Cellulite

This sound sweet, right? The result in abdominal flab reduction can be reached with a regular whole body massage for 30 minutes to 1 hour with grapefruit oil in combination with other essential oils. This was found according to a study done on women who crossed 50 years of age. But it might work on women younger than 50 years too because the whole body massages can help in toning the entire figure, not just the cellulite. So, now you can grab a bottle of this fat burner if you are in need of that hourglass figure.


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