3 pet friendly vacation destinations Europe

pet friendly vacation destinations

3 pet-friendly vacation destinations in Europe

  1. Italy

Italy dog-friendly destinations in Europe

Most of the time, you will be able to bring your dog into the hotels, restaurant dining areas and into stores, because Italians really love their furry friends. The South of Italy is not friendly, but that’s why Northern Italy is usually considered to be more dog-friendly. But Rome is also cited as one of the most dog-friendly destinations in Europe. Even in a big tourist center dogs are more than welcome, so it’s a very beautiful thing to know. The public transport also welcomes furry travelers and often without a carrier, although a muzzle can be required during your ride. For you four-legged companion some places may also ask you to purchase a fare – although often at a discount of 50% or more. Most of the hotels charge extra fees for pets, even though most of the hotels will welcome pets. Before you make any reservations good practice is to call ahead to a hotel or a restaurant.

  1. Germany

Germany isn't the most pet-friendly

Even though Germany isn’t the most pet-friendly place in Europe, still the country is very friendly toward your four-legged friends. Pets are welcomed on public transportation, much like other parts of Europe, as long as they are on a leash. Also, a muzzle may be required, but there’s no reason to put your pup in a carrier. In the dining areas of restaurants, small dogs are often welcome, though larger breeds may not be as welcomed. Also, dogs are welcomed in shops, and you can expect most accommodations to be pet-friendly.  The same rule goes here too, before making any reservations check in with the hotels or restaurants first.

  1. France

If you ever wanted to visit Paris and to have a lunch in a bistro but can’t handle the thought of leaving your Fido out of the experience, don’t fret at all. France is the only country that’s constantly rated as the most pet-friendly country in all Europe. In fact, it would be strange to see an owner leave their dog outside while they went into a shop or restaurant, so dogs are more commonly permitted into dining areas than not. Many hotels are pet-friendly as are other establishments. Public transit is also pet-friendly, allowing you to take your pet with on the train, often on a leash rather than in a carrier. So your dream trip to France is complete now, so go ahead and enjoy the whole family affair.


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